Genemaster Goats Oregon

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   Thank you for visiting our site today.  Our official business name is Genemaster Goats Oregon.  We are happy to be members of the AKGA , USBGA, and ABGA goat registries.  In these registries we are listed as Elliott Farms.  There is an abundance of information about Genemaster goats on the AKGA web site.  If you are not familiar with Genemasters (A Hybrid cross of Boer and Kiko goats) please use the AKGA link  on the right.  You will find genemasters to be the ideal all around meat goat.


   Our primary goal is a healthy, fast growing, attractive meat goat.   We strive for problem free kidding, excellent mothering ability and good udders. Our quality Kiko stock  is the key to these goals.  Our quality Boer stock helps us attain a stout, wide frame with ample muscling.  
   Because we support youth in agriculture and the 4H and FFA programs, we breed for qualities that enhance the showing experience.  We breed for dark pigment, strong pasterns, and correct bite.  The youth programs are also one of the primary reasons for disbudding. Texas Genemasters are 62.5% Boer and can be shown in USBGA Boer percentage classes and some can be shown in ABGA shows.  
    Another aspect of our breeding program is the health of our herd.  Kiko influences help our herd's disease resistance.  We have healthy feet and fewer problems with parasites.  The herd is tested annually for CL, CAE and Johnes.   We are 100% clean.  We have strict culling procedures.   
   The ultimate goal of our breeding program is the TEXAS GENEMASTER.  Our first Texas Genemasters which arrived  June 2014.   These are registered with the USBGA as  62.5% Boer.  Our first AKGA registered Texas Genemasters arrived in June 2015. Some are now ABGA registered as 50% Boer.  

June 2015 Texas Genemaster Doelings

All Texas Genemasters born on our farm have yellow tags.