Genemaster Goats Oregon

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REF Spritzer's Candyland                                                                  Texas Genemaster doeling

$500 with ABGA registration.   $650 with ABGA & AKGA registration.                               DOB: 2/8/18

REF IMOGENE                                                                                    Texas Genemaster doeling


All 4-H / meat wethers will be $150-$200.  

$100 deposit (each) will hold breeding stock.  $50 will hold a wether.  

Deposits are transferable. 

  If you wish to retain horns on a specific kid, a non-refundable $100 deposit must be made before 7 days of age.  Occasionally we may select an animal to retain horns.  

   Other goats are available for sale.  Please contact us for information on these or to order a specific breeding.   The contact button is under the home tab above.  

$500 without registration.     $650 with AKGA registration.                                                                DOB: 4/4/18

   REF   Karmann's Cloud                                                                  Purebred Kiko doeling

$500 with AKGA registration.                                                                                                DOB: 2/7/18