Genemaster Goats of Ohio

Formerly Genemaster Goats Oregon


2018 twin doelings & 2017 yearling.  

2017 Twins, REF Bojangles and REF Tanya

Karmann is an AKGA registered purebred Kiko 

DNA confirmed.  

She was sold in May 2018 after weaning.

She kidded twin doelings by AAA Storm Chaser 2/7/18.  Cloud is listed on the "Goats for Sale" page.  

She kidded twins (buckling & doeling) by AAA Storm Chaser 2/7/17.

She kidded twin doelings by REF Groot 1/31/16.  REF Margo is the mother of Brandy.  REF Rita is the mother of Total Sunrise and Total Diva.  Rita remains in our herd. 

She kidded triplets 4/7/15 by IAD Macho Man- 1 buckling was REF Tacoma

She kidded twin bucklings 2/7/14 by IAD Macho Man.  

She also kidded twins in 2013 before she was purchased.   

2016 twin doelings, Margo & Rita

2015 Triplets

These are Karmann & Macho Man's twin bucklings born February 7th 2014

                                          REF Geronimo

Sold- Thank You Gary & Leisa Belser


SOLD - Thank you Trent Tobiason