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Pattertwig is an AKGA registered purebred Kiko doe.

DNA confirmed. 

She kidded twins by AAA Storm Chaser 2/7/17.  Precocious and REF Fire Storm.

She kidded twins by AAA Storm Chaser 1/29/16.  The buckling is REF Cyclone.  The Doeling is REF Twister.  

She kidded triplet doelings 2/21/15 by Macho Man.   REF Pattycake, REF Epiphany, and "Little Chore" sold unregistered as a companion.  

She kidded twin doelings 2/11/14 by Macho Man.  REF Sacajawea and REF Pocahontas.  

She also kidded twins once before her purchase.

2016 twins REF Cyclone and REF Twister

2015 triplets "Little Chore,"REF Epiphany & REF Pattycake

2014 twins REF Pocahontas & REF Sacajawea